About Us

Integrating Behavioral Health and General Medical Services


Our History

UPOH was derived from a vision of wanting to collaborate with providers throughout the state to improve access to healthcare, capacity building, contract services, resources, and sustainability. We started talking about bringing Providers together in the late November of 2017 and formally started having monthly meetings with providers (physical and behavioral) in March 2018. We saw a common bond among Providers during our Integrated Care launch and implementation training. There was a definite need to address and prepare for NC Medicaid Manage Transformation-2019 and felt strongly that this was the right time to move forward in building synergy and collaborations among small providers. There was so much information being distributed and changes that were going to affect every Provider. It was time to move forward!

Leadership Team

United Providers of Health (UPOH) team has over 60 years of various levels of leadership experience. From a supervisory role, Mid-Level Management to C-Level Executive. Our Leadership Team has held senior executive roles in all areas of the Behavioral Health market and the Corporate environment. The team has demonstrated success by working with Behavioral Health organizations from Primary Care, Mental Health, Substance Abuse Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities, and Residential Providers. We have the skills, talent, and experience within our team to demonstrate to Providers (physical and mental) how to collaborate and bring sustainability both to their organizations with collaborations and partnerships.

Building Collaborations And Partnerships

We exist as an Independent Providers Association (IPA) to demonstrate and show how important it is to have and build strategic partnerships, relationships, and collaborations. We provide access to other liked-minded Providers on sharing sound "Clinical Evidence-Based" models and practices. Providers having the ability to collaborate with one another extends the opportunity of sharing ideas and best practices to improve the care to its beneficiaries, families, and the communities that it serves. United Providers of Health mission is to "Collaborate with all Providers to build Capacity, Exceptional Care and Sustainability"
We provide leadership!