Innovating Systems Through Integrated Care

A Collaborative Work To Make a Difference in Healthcare    

Creating Better Systems for Health Companies

Our Mission

United Providers of Health (UPOH), an Independent Providers Association (IPA) is a network of small mental health, intellectual developmental disability, substance abuse provider agencies, and primary care physicians whose purpose is to; collaborate and integrate health care through a continuum of services and provide cost savings to payers by developing successful alternative reimbursement (value-based) payment models for Physical and Behavioral Health.


We welcome your membership! We are excited about the synergy and collaboration that we have encountered among Providers who are eager and motivated to participate with UPOH. We want to collaborate with all small Providers working together in making a difference in healthcare that benefits all beneficiaries and communities that you serve as a Provider (Physical and Behavioral). Our goal is to assist Providers with Capacity Building, Independence with Access, and Build Sustainability and Legacy.

Independent Providers Association

We exist as an Independent Providers Association (IPA) to demonstrate and show how important it is to have and build strategic partnerships, relationships, and collaborations. There are great opportunities for innovation in delivery system modeling and benefit design in the creation of collaborative networks. Specifically, the creation of practice networks involving medical homes may accelerate important and necessary changes in health care delivery. There is a "New Norm" that we need to move to when it comes to delivering a continuum of care to beneficiaries, families, and the communities in which they live.

Providers have the ability to exercise their market leverage through a variety of contracting and affiliation strategies which allows collaborations as groups of providers (physical and behavioral) to speak with one voice. Such strategies also enhance Providers' access to the capital and management resources, leadership development, and the access necessary to pursue cooperative business ventures. This creates more opportunities that can to managed care contracts and direct health care services contracts that will address the quality of care for their clients/patients.

Primary Care Providers

Our collaboration with primary care providers provides us the opportunity to initiate telemedicine/telehealth with both primary and behavioral health providers beyond normal geographical areas. Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, there is a huge upswing with the adoption of primary care acceptance of telehealth as a way of delivering a continuum of care to its clients/patients. This is great when we are providing community base care solutions with local organizations and clinics to address Health Disparities.

Behavioral Health Providers

Behavioral health providers have seen a major change in how they provide service to their clients with the pandemic. Providers are making that pivot to alternative ways of delivery service. We strive to help our Providers improve their quality of service thru the integration of care, leverage of resources, leadership, and clinical guidance, and access with collaborations to build sustainability. We build strategic partnerships!