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Our commitment to making a positive impact shines through in our dedicated efforts to provide essential resources, support, and care to those in need.

Our dedication to making a positive impact shines through our commitment to providing essential services, support, and resources to those in need.

bertie county covid-19 testing

Before Thanksgiving, COVID-19 testing sites in Kinston were bustling with folks eager to get tested. What made this site special? Well, not only did they offer tests, but they also gave out turkeys, help with rent and utilities, and health resources.

Group of volunteers with face mask working in community charity donation center.

Shortly after Thanksgiving, COVID-19 cases spiked in the US, with over 13.2 million cases and one million new ones in a week. Bertie County faced a high-risk situation and organized "Community Day: People Helping People" at Bertie High School. They provided COVID-19 testing, food, rent help, PPE, and support for residents.

Bethel's First Fireworks Event

Bethel's First Fireworks Event, a spectacular evening of dazzling displays and community fun! Sponsored by UPOH, the Town of Bethel, and the Bethel Convention Center, this event promises to light up the night with vibrant fireworks, food trucks, and family-friendly activities.

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