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Integrating Behavioral Health and General Medical Services

Our History

UPOH emerged from a visionary concept aimed at fostering collaboration with healthcare providers across the state to enhance access to healthcare, bolster capacity, offer contract services, provide resources, and ensure sustainability. The idea was first conceived in late November 2017, leading to the establishment of regular monthly meetings with both physical and behavioral healthcare providers in March 2018. During our Integrated Care launch and implementation training, we discovered a shared sense of purpose among providers.

As we prepared for the 2019 North Carolina Medicaid Managed Transformation, it became evident that the timing was ideal to cultivate synergy and collaborations among smaller providers. The rapid dissemination of information and impending changes that would impact every provider underscored the urgency of taking proactive steps. It was a pivotal moment to propel ourselves forward.

Leadership Team

The United Providers of Health (UPOH) team boasts a cumulative leadership experience of over six decades, encompassing various levels of expertise. Our leadership team has effectively served in supervisory, mid-level management, and C-level executive positions. Their extensive professional backgrounds span the entire spectrum of the behavioral health industry and the corporate sector.

Our leadership team has consistently achieved success by collaborating with behavioral health organizations across diverse sectors, including Primary Care, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities, and Residential Providers. Within our team, we possess a wealth of skills, talents, and experience. This enables us to not only guide providers, both physical and mental, in fostering collaborative relationships but also in establishing sustainable practices that can benefit their organizations through strategic partnerships and collaborations.

Building Collaborations And Partnerships

As an Independent Providers Association (IPA), we exist to underscore the critical significance of cultivating strategic partnerships, fostering valuable relationships, and nurturing collaborations. We facilitate access to like-minded providers, enabling them to exchange well-founded, "Clinical Evidence-Based" models and practices. This collaborative synergy among providers not only broadens the scope for sharing innovative ideas and best practices but also enhances the quality of care delivered to beneficiaries, their families, and the communities we serve.

The mission of United Providers of Health is succinctly summarized as "Collaborate with all providers to enhance capacity, deliver exceptional care, and ensure sustainability." In essence, we provide leadership and support in achieving this mission.

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