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With a commitment to holistic care, United Providers of Health (UPOH) is your trusted partner in prioritizing your well-being. Discover how our services can empower you.

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Value-Based Contracting

Many healthcare systems are moving from fee-for-service to value-based care, where we take charge of the patient's overall health. Our team connects patients to the right services, guiding them toward better health.

Value-Based Purchasing

This is a payer-driven strategy to measure, report, and reward quality or value in health care delivery. Through this method, we consider the providers' access, price, quality, and efficiency.

Care Management

Moreover, we offer a comprehensive suite of services and activities that help patients with chronic or complex conditions in managing their health. Care Management’s overarching goal is to improve patient health.

Some elements of a care management plan include:

  • A Dedicated Care Team
  • A Comprehensive Care Plan
  • Medication and Care-Management Tools
  • Expanded Communication Between Patients and Healthcare Professionals
  • Care Coordination and Community and Home-Based Service Providers


Clinically, implementing toxicology screening will support providers in developing a more correct and scientific-based diagnosis and treatment plan. Additionally, you can have the ability to collect data as another method to measure outcomes and service performance. You can also gather information about your practice such as seeing what your patients are taking and knowing if the prescription is working.

Drug Monitoring

Are your patients taking anything not prescribed? Are illegal narcotics involved? Are the prescribed medications in the patient’s system? Drug monitoring is the best way to keep track of what is going on in your practice. This includes screening, which gives you the instant negative or positive answer; or confirmations, which provide you a more detailed look at what and how many drugs may be in a patient’s system.


Our team, comprising both physical and behavioral care professionals, collaboratively set goals for Whole Person Care. We encourage active participation in healthcare problem-solving and decision-making, fostering consensus-based decision-making and open discussion.

Working Towards a Bigger Goal

Essentially, when you choose us, you join a community. We work not just with you but with other members of our group to build a network of people, working together for a healthier world. Our team focuses on collaborating on health disparities, and issues that affect the marginalized and underserved communities with a key focus on rural areas.

We're a forward-thinking healthcare team that readily embraces rapid changes in the industry, having fully embraced the Integrated Care model. We've dedicated years to in-depth research on this approach, and over the past few years, we've successfully implemented it with providers across North Carolina.

Effective Integrated Care

The integration of behavioral health and primary medical services has been a prominent focus for over a decade, as highlighted by the 2016 APA and APM Integrated Care Report. Discover how our team can help you implement a data-driven care plan rooted in evidence-based practice guidelines, with a specific focus on patients who aren't achieving their clinical objectives.

Our adaptable framework is suitable for diverse geographic areas, practices of varying sizes, and a wide range of patient populations.

How We Do It

We employ a team-based, interdisciplinary approach to provide evidence-based diagnoses, treatment, and ongoing care. What sets our model apart from others is its proven track record, adherence to established principles of chronic care delivery, and unwavering commitment to accountability and quality improvement.

Our approach is centered around measurement guidance and a steadfast focus on patient-reported outcomes. We utilize evidence-based methods to achieve these outcomes while prioritizing patient-centered care. This includes proactive outreach to engage patients, activate them in their care, encourage self-management and treatment adherence, and ensure seamless coordination of services.

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